What is the real coaching?

Coaching described

It is the process of developing the personal ability to act in real life situations. It doesn't focus on the competence necessary for the task (knowledge, technical skills, etc.), but on the abilities to take personal action whenever the key is to have skills such as coping with stress, cooperation in the team, the quality interpersonal contacts, managing own resources, planning work, flexibility, etc. There are many ways to improve those competences: studies, training - knowledge oriented, training - skills oriented, training - interpersonal techniques, etc.

Coaching as a way to work on the own development - 3 main features stand out:

  • is a catalyst for knowledge generated in other forms of training,
  • helps transfering principles and general guidelines for acting in a chosen field to someone's own daily practice,
  • maximizes the process of change and development by referring to a specific contex e.g. living and working environment of a person.

Coaching as an individual training is oriented on the personal change supporting achieving of goals and the cooperation with the others. It's adapted to the unique situation of each person: their experience, aspirations and goals, specific difficulties encountered, the resources of personality, temperament, etc. It's effectiveness is based on the fact that it is a planned process based on a thorough analysis of the status quo, and choosing a realistic target with the proper ways of training. Coaching as a process based on natural learning abilities, every person has: learning based on someone's own experience, reflection, and rational to draw conclusions and transfer them to new situations.